An Angel Formed Today

An Angel Formed Today

Trini-Vene Tribe, Today

an Angel formed on this day

Today, March 15th ; I honor the making of our personal familia Angel, the woman who formed our being, the Madre We are blessed to call our own… I cannot begin to describe the level if blessing we all have had by being a part of her beautiful family. 

I can however share one story she told that truly guided my faith and ordered my steps to “do good” so that “good would always follow” me, and all of us. 

Mummy used to go on pilgrimages to different sites around the world where the Blessed Virgin Mary appears with Catholic church groups from Canada, the US and the Caribbean.  She was dedicated to these pilgrimages so mych so that, even our vacations as kids were made around these sites.   A trip to Portugal was begun in Fatima and when we went to France, a stop in Lourdes was on our itenerary. 

One of her pilgrimages was to a town known at the time in Yugoslavia, called Medjugorje.  The apparition of the Virgin began in 1981 and of the six children that saw the “Lady of Medjugorje” on a daily basis three continues to see “Gospa” (Croatian for “Lady”) today.  

About 1987 Mummy and one of her groups from Canada went to Yugoslavia to “make a pilgrimage” to the Medjugorje site.  It is one of the newer sites for apparitions and the conditions at this location were not really designed for a woman in her late 60s, so I expressed my concern.  Mummy responded to me in her loving but firm way telling me that she was compelled to visit this site.  And I thought, really who was I to say where my world traveling Madre with her tremendous faith could go and visit.  I knew by then Any journey rooted in prayer was blessed and protected, so off she went. And when Mummy returned she told me about it in very much this way with her sweet Trini lilt and charming way. 

The town circa 1987

“I wanted to help an elderly lady so me and dee lady was walkin’ up behind the group up the Hill.  Crnica Hill was dee name, in their language you know.  We stop just before the place where The Virgin was appearing, and there was a man selling water. So I got water for us, and we continue to the spot on this hill.”

“It was like a bluff or an opening; decorated pretty pretty wit rosaries, flowers, candles an’ ting.  We went to kneel in front of what we thought was a statue but as we were praying the statue took on another form.  It looked so true and real with a glow around her that felt warm like the sun.  I felt a peace and was a little shocked because I didnt believe I was worthy to see this.  I look to the elderly woman and she look at me in this same kinda way.  We prayed a few more minutes and we got up to go back down the hill behind everyone else. “

” When we reach the little bus we all start talking about the place.  Only nobody else is talking about what we saw neither the man selling water nor the statue we both had seen.  Right there I knew what we saw was for us alone. I wanted to drop to my knees right then but was on the bus and couldnt.  So gurl I just shout out thank you God praise the Father that,  I would be chosen in this way.  I was both humbled and proud.” 

“Always remember girl, The blessed Virgin will Guide you through any trouble, you must pray to her every day. Do good and good will always follow you.”  

Josefa surrounded by her grandchildren, Lena, Louis and Desi

Today Mummy you went home to your rightful place in heaven. And I shout out to God in Praise to say thank you Lord!  Thank you for all the love you gave us all. Thank you for our beautiful family.  Thank you for the wonderful memories.  Thank you for the life we all get to live today.  We love and miss you every day.