Alex Cuba’s Holistic Healer Music

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Alexis Puentes better known as Alex Cuba constructs the type of music that is just like a potato chip or in my case a plantain chip, you can’t just listen once!  You become obsessed with the good way his songs make you feel, the taste of his lyrics on your lips they’re fun to sing along with and plus the poetry… I Love me some Alex Cuba!  

 In his latest release, Healer his just that, a Curandero.  It is music that sooths your soul and inspires your romantic notions… Healing whatever ails you.  Not to mention it satisfies the hunger for my Afro-Latin rhythms presented cloaked in the genius of Alex’s guitar and that honey chocolate voice… 

This is a one of my favorites from Healer, 1,2,3,4


A master of the Spanglish hook, Alex’s brilliance makes you wear sunglasses as you listen!  Fortunately no sunblock required to listen.

 I saw Alex in New York and it was so good to hear him live again after a lack of his sunshine in DC.  It was the perfect Spring opener and I was inspired to photograph him…  He is touring the US as I type check his web site for more

Also check out his white couch sessions on youtube. 

I’ve known of the talented Alexis Puentes for more than a decade now when a record label president shared The music of Humo de Tabaco with me at BET Jazz.  

Even then I was inspired by Alex’s courage as a poet.  His words in English or Spanish are knowledge, love, guidance, a story, a wish and a dance all rolled intricately into his lyrics and guitar licks. Am I gushing? Yes, but I am still impressed.  

Please pick up some Alex Cuba Music.  Alex Cuba’s CD’s are available on Amazon, Google Play and ITunes… 


Sara Gòmez; The Documentary Gem of Cuba! 

Sara Gòmez; The Documentary Gem of Cuba! 

#LaVidaEnBlack #TheBlacksideofHispanicHeritage

  Sara Gómez (November 8, 1942 – June 2, 1974) was an Afro-Cuban filmmaker. She was born into a middle-class family in Havana and she was afforded an education in literature, piano and Afro-Cuban ethnography. 
She became a journalist before joining the newly-formed ICAIC in 1961, Castro a fan of film as art developed ICAIC as a new center for film in Cuba.   Gòmez quickly rose in the ranks as an assistant director to Jorge Fraga and Tomas Gutierrez Alea, as well as to the visiting French director Agnes Varda. 

One of only two black filmmakers at ICAIC at the time, and for several years its only woman director, Gomez made a series of documentary shorts. One of which is featured here…

“De Cierta Manera” was her last film and her first feature although Sara died after filming.  

De Cierta Manera (One Way or Another) a 1974 Cuban romantic drama was Directed by Sara Gómez. Considered Avant Garde; the film mixes documentary-style footage with a fictional story that looks at empoverished neighborhoods of Havana right after the Revolution of 1959. 

The film illuminates the history before the Revolution and the development that occured after Castro took over in 1959 Cuba. 

Its plot shows how tearing down slums and building modern settlement will not change the culture of its people. 

Gómez wrapped filming with Mario Balmaseda and Yolanda Cuellar just before her death; technical work was finished by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Julio García-Espinosa y Rigoberto López before its posthumous release.

As De Cierta Manera reveals, Sara Gómez was a revolutionary filmmaker at a crossroads; the Afro-Cuban community, its cultural traditions to include the African based religions, Abakuá and Santería, women’s issues, the treatment of marginalized sectors of society, and the role of family within the context of the revolution and workers’ rights. For its time, the film was extremely radical both in form and content.  Sara Gómez remains one of the most significant filmmakers from Latin America.  There is an award named for Sara Gòmez in the Women in Film and Video Chapter of Cuba.